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Rock Star Throw Blankets

Most famous musicians and rock stars perform at venues all over the world.  If you have ever been to a concert you have most likely seen the tee shirts, hats, key chains, and coffee mugs they have for sale.  They usually feature their pictures, logos, or something commemorating their performances. Now, the word is getting out that custom throw blankets with the image of… Continue reading Rock Star Throw Blankets

celebrity throw blankets

Celebrity Throw Blankets

Planning a celebrity golf tournament and looking for something different to use as a great give away product?  Try custom throw blankets. You can feature any golf course on a full-sized tapestry blanket with a generous amount of colors to give it the look of a gorgeous painting.  Whether you are playing Tour 18 in Texas, or Pebble Beach in… Continue reading Celebrity Throw Blankets

family reunion keepsake ideas

Family Reunion keepsake Ideas

With the temperatures rising and spring well on its way, no wonder so many people are starting to plan their family reunions. Spring is a great time to host these large family events. Once you have planned out when and where the reunion will take place, it’s time to get ideas for keepsakes that guests… Continue reading Family Reunion keepsake Ideas